The Family Chase is a new spin-off of ITV's The Chase were family's of 4 take on the chaser.

Series 1

Ep Chaser Family Name Contestants serving/money banked Final Chase
1 Paul Sinha Bennett Family 3 contestants banked £19,000 Target of 16 Caught With 0.01 Remaining
2 Anne Hegerty French Family 3 contestants banked £20,000 Target of 22; Chaser scored 17, family wins the full £20,000
3 Jenny Ryan Bass Family 1 contestant banked £6,000 Target of 9 Caught With 1.05 Remaining
4 Anne Hegerty Gandhi Family 2 contestants banked £9,000 Target of 14 Caught With 0.17 Remaining
5 Shaun Wallace O'Hare Family
6 Mark Labbett Price Family


Chaser Appearences Wins Losses Average Cash Builder Scores
Mark Labbett 1 TBA TBA TBA
Shaun Wallace 1 TBA TBA TBA
Anne Hegerty 2 1 1 £1,500
Paul Sinha 1 1 0 £6,500
Jenny Ryan 1 1 TBA £3,750

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