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season 1 (2012)Edit

This was the first season and there was only 1 sole chaser: Holger Waldenberger

season 2 (2013)Edit

This is the only season we have no episodes to fill in the information but in this series Holger left and two chasers joined: Sebastian Jacoby and Sebastian Klussmann

season 3 (2014-2015)Edit

Another chaser joined in this season: Klaus Otto Nagorsnik

season 4 (2015)Edit

In this season, Holger re-joined the chasers team.

season 5 *1 (2015-2016)Edit

season 6*1 (2016-2017)Edit

In this season a previous contestant joined the chaser team for a few episodes but then departed the show due to the bad performance.

Season 7


1.) - The Chaser - Sebastian Jacoby managed to catch the team at the same time as the klaxon went off so the LOOSE audio played but they won?

2.) - Episode was planned or June 19th however was postponed to August 13th

3.) - Episode was planned for July 6th however was postponed to August 20th

4) - Like the 2017 Quiz Marathon, this features 4 back-to-back episodes with no adverts with 4 teams : Comedy, Sport, Entertainment, Special, and 4 chasers.